Bing Translator For Blog Engine .NET

It had been a month since I got an invitation to (Bing) Microsoft Translator Widget, but had not found my time to play around. So I decided to create a Blog Engine .NET widget so that other users from various parts of the world can easily read through the articles. I have also created Google Translator Widget earlier which you can find here. I'm not going to fight about which one is the best out here, I leave it to you to choose. Mimageicrosoft Translator has quite a good Ajaxified Translator which you can check it in my blog (from right hand side menu) but it does require you to have an invitation before you can actually use one. You can register for at


  • Simply upload the folder to the Blog Engine’s “Widget” folder.
  • Then login as administrator, and you will see Microsoft Translator as seen on the picture below.

  • Then click the edit widget and the popup will come up.

  • Enter appropriate settings such as Application Id, Url, Border Color and Background Color which you got from

For example my details are as follows:

<div id="MicrosoftTranslatorWidget" style="width: 200px; min-height: 83px; border-color: #3A5770; background-color: #78ADD0;"><noscript><a href="">Translate this page</a><br />Powered by <a href="">Microsoft® Translator</a></noscript></div>
<script id="MicrosoftTranslatorWidgetScript" type="text/javascript"  charset="UTF-8" src=";from=en&amp;layout=ts"></script>

From the above script that was generated pickup appropriate settings and click save and you are done. Congratulations, you have integrated Microsoft Translator in your BlogEngine.Net

Here's a sample pic of my blog after the translation by Microsoft Translator.

Microsoft Translator For (2.29 kb)