Blog Engine.Net Google Translator Widget

Have you ever wanted people from different backgrounds and geographical regions to be able to read your blog in the language they prefer? Well, it isn’t hard as you thought so. You don’t need to hire anyone and pay them to translate it for you. There are lot of free translation services provided by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to name a few popular ones.

The one I’m using is from Google as it supports a lot more than others. (I can’t comment on the accuracy, I don’t understand those many languages).

To make life easier I have created a widget which works with BlogEngine.Net. You are simply required to upload the folder which you can download at the end of the post to you BlogEngine's widgets folder.

Once you are done with uploading the files. You will need to login as administrator in your BlogEngine. Widgets dropdown box will be visible. Then select Google Translator from the drop down and click add. Its that easy.

For live example you can use my Google Translation Widget at the right hand side.

Google (942.00 bytes)

For Microsoft (Bing) Translator click here.