Dark Eclipse Theme

Even though not an Eclipse user, I had to use it for my university course. I really don’t like the default white theme. Even in Visual Studio I use the dark theme which can be downloaded from https://blog.prabir.me/post/My-Visual-Studio-Theme.aspx.

In order to increase my productivity the coloring is same as my dark Visual Studio Theme.

To use the theme download the file (.epf). In the Eclipse menu. Click File>Import. You will land up with a dialog box. In the tree view Select General>Prefrences and click next button. Select browse and point to the .epf file which you just downloaded. Select import all and click finish. That will import all the color settings.

I would prefer you to download the consolas one, which i think is a better font for coding rather than the courier new.

Note: The font used is Consolas which comes preinstalled with Windows Vista and up. But incase you want to use it for your Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 or others you can either download from below or from the official Microsoft link over here.

Click here to download the theme

Consolas Font Pack.exe (4.33 mb)

prabir_darktheme_consolas_epf_v1.1.zip (latest) (5.10 kb)

prabir_darktheme_consolas_epf.zip (5.00 kb)

prabir_darktheme_epf.zip (4.85 kb)


Due to the popularity. I moved moved the themes to be in source control, which can be found at http://gitorious.org/themes. If any one of you would like to contribute your own theme or extend my dark theme please post it in the comment below. My dark themes for various IDEs and text editors can be download from http://www.ohloh.net/p/themes/download