Digital WPC Day 1 - Keynote

Microsoft is having WorldWide Partner's Conference which started today. I had been watching the online streaming version – thanks to the Siverlight streaming technology and will be posting some info about it. You can also follow me on twitter @prabirshrestha.

Summary of the keynote. (I missed a lot of Win7 stuffs on the keynote)

  • 51 Million license sold for windows 7
  • Office outlook crashed during the demo session. Its still in Technical preview. (Now I know why).
  • Great twitter integration with dynamics crm. You can ask questions through twitter and people can answer. Good for customer relations.
  • Official release of office 2010 tech preview released. (only selected people) - microsoft.crgevents
  • Speech recognition for voice mails. Automatically converts to text – can see in the inbox.
  • Conversation views like gmail – for outlook.
  • office web apps free for windows liver users.
  • Multiple users can edit same PowerPoint slides simultaneously. Can synchronize and also includes chat.
  • remote PowerPoint broadcasting. Even works for mobile users.