Linus: “Microsoft Hatred is a Disease”

Linus Torvalds has made some comments regarding the submission of 20,000 lines of code to the Linux Kernel.

Linus hasn’t actually looked at the code yet but has commented on it:

I'm a big believer in "technology over politics". I don't care who it comes from, as long as there are solid reasons for the code, and as long as we don't have to worry about licensing etc issues. I may make jokes about Microsoft at times, but at the same time, I think the Microsoft hatred is a disease. I believe in open development, and that very much involves not just making the source open, but also not shutting other people and companies out. There are 'extremists' in the free software world, but that's one major reason why I don't call what I do 'free software' any more. I don't want to be associated with the people for whom it's about exclusion and hatred."

For detailed information please refer to here.

This is Microsoft’s second GPL license -- a popular open-source license it's criticized in the past -- but now the company seems to be embracing it. The other one being open source learning system Moodle.