Mockup Your Apps

Lately, I needed some software to allow me to design the user interfaces as part of my project. After searching on the Internet I came across a few of them which I think they can really help you out especially to make your customers happy (they usually look at the user interface).

The first software I found was Balsamiq Mockups. While seeing the demo, I instantly downloaded the Balsamiq Mockup and started to play around with it. It is multiplatform as it is built using Adobe Air. Within an half an hour I landed up creating the following mockup (there are better examples then mine on the net – you can check some of them at

Twitter mock up is a sample taken from mockupstogo.

One of the downside of Balsamiq is that you need to purchase a license to save your mockup. It also provides free licenses if you fulfill the following criteria -

We are very happy to donate our software to non-profits, charitable organizations and other do-gooders.

If you go to their link , you will see who uses their products. There is a huge list companies such as Adobe Systems Inc., Apple Inc., Autodesk Inc., BT Internet, Dropbox, IBM,Microsoft MacBU,, eBay, The WorldBank, Time Warner Cable, Yahoo Inc. to name a few.

You can also find other similar software.