.NET/E – .net/everywhere

For some of you out there who have been working on wpf or silverlight, you must have known the codename of Silverlight – WPF/E. It stood for WPF Everywhere, meaning, WPF could run on any platform or Operating System. Well the same applies to .NET also which I like to refer to it as .Net/E (just kidding). Even this project has similar goals. Its not about other .NET frameworks or engines like mono or portable.net, but rather takes a total different approach to making .NET apps run everywhere.

Unlike those traditional frameworks mentioned earlier, Mainsoft Grasshopper, takes a totally different approach by converting .NET codes to Java bytecode, thus allowing the code to run everywhere the Java runtime is installed. Since Java Runtime is installed in many of our computers, especially non Microsoft OS, our code could run on more platforms and OS without telling the user to install the mono framework. ( you need to provide easy access to the customers). To summarize, it about running your .NET code anywhere Java works. That’s a face to face challenge with Java.

For more details please have a look at it official website here.

You can download the plug-in for visual studio from following links. I'm just providing these links as alternatives.

For Visual Studio 2008 (52.8 mb) For Visual Studio 2005 (56.7 mb) For Visual Studio 2003 (58.9 mb)

I have also been working on a similar project for my bachelors degree, which I posted on my blog out here. Its about converting C# code to a portable code called LLVM that can be compiled and run in almost all sorts of platforms. For more information please check the official site of my project at https://github.com/prabirshrestha/llvm.