Office 2010 Leaks – Seems quite promising.

Office 2010 Technical Preview has been leaked far before Microsoft even publicly announced its release. Even though a public beta may be hitting the Microsoft Downloads later at Q3 this year, first bits of it has already been floating around the internet.

After having downloaded one of those (sshhh… silence) an having a look around it, it seems quite promising after all. Got an animated splash screen (green and yellow below moves), with a slight different change to the original fluent UI (ribbon interface).

If you do have a quick look below at the Word splash screen you will notice on the top right corners they have two button to minimize and close. Minimize seems quite a good idea, most of the times I prefer to work on other stuffs while letting the word to initialize it self. After all we are in moving ahead with the so called “parallel computing”. (do these people have to advertise their company and their product, if we didn’t know why would it be in the computer in the first place, i paid for it to be in. and why would i be clicking my mouse on something I don’t know – its fine for big apps, needs to do lazy loading especially with addins and plugins but for small ones ??? ). Don’t get scared by those buttons. Actually the performance is much faster than I ever thought. Having those scary buttons, at first I thought its gonna take ages. Its super fast and guys at Microsoft are doing great.

Microsoft Word 2010 Technical Preview Splash Screen Here are some few screenshots to get the feeling…

Microsoft Office 2010 Tech Preview

Word 2010 interface.

Office 2010 Tech Preview Office Menu

When the main office menu button is clicked.