Remove Annoying Yahoo Mail Ads.

Have you ever been sick of Yahoo Mail Ads. specially when you have a small screen where every pixel on your screen does matter. Well, great news for you guys. There is actually a solution to remove those annoying ads from Yahoo mail.

First of all you need to login in to your Yahoo mail and click My Account, which is basically at the top. You will be redirected to another page where you will be allowed to change quite a lot of important Yahoo Account settings. Then click edit in your Member Information, where you will be transferred to change your member details. Click your current Preferred Content and then you will be redirected to another page again to change the settings. And in the new settings drop down, choose Yahoo! Singapore. Congratulations you just removed the ads. Now go to you yahoo mail ( and login, you will now see that the ads have been removed except the one at the Home tab (its a small one).

Note: If you are using Yahoo US and also use Yahoo Connections, your yahoo connections will not be shown in Inbox or the home page when you migrate it to Singapore. I don’t recommend to do this if you are a frequent user of Yahoo Connections.

I have also shown below the screenshots for you to have a glance at how it feels.

Yahoo Mail With Ads:

Yahoo Mail Without Ads: