Save Team Foundation Server Password

(This is a part of my series Visual Studio Tips and Tricks – V )

Have you ever be tired of entering your password every time you access your Team Foundation Server (TFS) project. Don't worry.There’s a way to bypass the login my storing your passwords in a secure vault.

For Windows 7 users:

  • Start Menu>Control Panel
  • User Accounts and Family Safety > Credential Manager
  • Add A Windows Credential>
  • Type in your internet/network address as your TFS server address, and username and password of your TFS account.

For Windows Vista users:

  • Start Menu>Control Panel
  • User Accounts> Manage your Network Passwords
  • Click Add
  • Enter TFS server address
  • Enter your TFS username and password

For Windows XP users:

  • Start > Settings > Control Panel
  • User Accounts > Advanced> Manage Passwords > Add
  • Enter TFS server address
  • enter your TFS username and password.

Try it now to see if it works. It works with codeplex accounts too.