Screwturn Wiki Google Sitemap Generator

Sitemap are one of the most vital information for SEO. Unfortunately Screwturn wiki doesn’t support it out of the box. I have using Screwturn Wiki for on of my projects (LLVM# Compiler’s Wiki), and needed to use sitemap.

After searching in the net, I stumbled up this site, which contains the source code for Google Sitemap generator. Unfortunately it seems to work only with Screwturn wiki 2.0. After examining the code, I modified it work with Screwturn Wiki 3.0.


  1. First download my screwturn wiki google sitemap generator (at the end of this post).
  2. Copy the sitemap.aspx to you wiki’s root folder.
  3. Navigate to /sitemap.aspx, to check whether it works.

If you would like to use sitemap.xml instead of sitemap.aspx you can have a rewrite url in you web.config (included in download).

A sample Screwturn Wiki 3.0 sitemap can be found at For Screwturn Wiki 2.0 sitemap example please have a look at

It has been updated to support additional features. For more info please visit . [Thanks to Rurisoft]. [Update] (1.51 kb) (1.75 kb) (1.06 kb)

A newer version is avaible which support Screwturn Wiki Version 3.0 RTW. To learn more please visit or download directly from ScrewTurn Wiki Google Sitemap Generator For v3 (RTW).zip (1.54 kb)

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