ScrewTurn Wiki Google Sitemap Generator [Update-2]

On September 30th, 2009 version 3.0 (RTW) of ScrewTurn Wiki was released to the web. It caused my previous ScrewTurn Wiki Google Sitemap generator to break down due to breaking changes in the API for ScrewTurn Wiki Engine.

One of the users commented that it was not working with version 3.0. He also gave the bug fix (thanks to Гносис, for the info as well as fix). I have also modified the Гносис fix it to show only the discussion pages in the sitemap if it contains at least one discussion or more as suggested and implemented by one of the users (Rurisoft) in the previous version as described in here.

So I have uploaded the version that contains the fix and works smoothly with ScrewTurn Wiki Version (RTW). Following is the instruction on how to install the plugin if you are new.


  • First download my screwturn wiki google sitemap generator (at the end of this post).
  • Copy the sitemap.aspx to you wiki’s root folder.
  • Navigate to /sitemap.aspx, to check whether it works.

For the original post please look at

A live example can be seen at

ScrewTurn Wiki Google Sitemap Generator For v3 (RTW).zip (1.54 kb)

In case you guys still haven’t upgraded to the newer version here is the Sitemap Generator for older versions.

ScrewTurn Wiki Google Sitemap Generator For v3 (RC1).zip (1.51 kb) ScrewTurn Wiki Google Sitemap Generator For (1.06 kb)