Screwturn Wiki Google Sitemap Generator

Sitemap are one of the most vital information for SEO. Unfortunately Screwturn wiki doesn’t support it out of the box. I have using Screwturn Wiki for on of my projects (LLVM# Compiler's Wiki), and needed to use sitemap.

After searching in the net, I stumbled up this site, which contains the source code for Google Sitemap generator. Unfortunately it seems to work only with Screwturn wiki 2.0. After examining the code, I modified it work with Screwturn Wiki 3.0.


  • First download my screwturn wiki google sitemap generator (at the end of this post).
  • Copy the sitemap.aspx to you wiki’s root folder.
  • Navigate to /sitemap.aspx, to check whether it works.

If you would like to use sitemap.xml instead of sitemap.aspx you can have a rewrite url in you web.config (included in download).

A sample Screwturn Wiki 3.0 sitemap can be found at For Screwturn Wiki 2.0 sitemap example please have a look at

It has been updated to support additional features. For more info please visit here. [Thanks to Rurisoft]. [Update] (1.51 kb) (1.75 kb) (1.06 kb)

A newer version is avaible which support Screwturn Wiki Version 3.0 RTW. To learn more please visit or download directly from ScrewTurn Wiki Google Sitemap Generator For v3 (RTW).zip (1.54 kb)