SQL for localization and Globalization – no more resx

If you have created a website supporting various languages, you must have realized how painful it is to maintain those resx files spread across different folders. I liked the concept of how easy it was to support localization or globalization in ASP.NET websites but was just not happy enough with the resx files. Wouldn’t database be a better place to store those language translations?

In order to achieve this, we have to write a custom resource provider for ASP.NET that access database rather than resx files.

As most of you might be using this concept in lot of your projects, I have created it as an open source project rather than a normal blog post with its associated download files.

Please refer to this walkthrough on using SQLite as your resource provider.

For more info you can also refer to the official documentation.

Official project website : http://github.com/helpersdotnet/Helpers.Net.Resource

You can also download the binaries, source code and documentation at: http://github.com/helpersdotnet/Helpers.Net.Resource/downloads

I created only for SQLite, but you can easily port it to any other database. I would be glad if you could contribute your ports to other databases.