The Ultimate Facebook SDK for .NET

Recently I had been developing a facebook app and got frustrated by the support in C# or .NET in general. There were plenty of Facebook wrappers floating around the .NET community but unfortunately they were too old and outdated and or didn’t support the new Facebook Graph API. Then I finally thought to give up the search and write my own.

After sitting down and searching for Facebook SDK around for other languages and devices iPhone, Android, Java, PHP, Ruby it have me some overview of how to make the Facebook API clean and simple. My orginal SDK was written based on Android SDK. Soon Facebook announced their official C# SDK, so I changed my APIs to match those of the official Facebook SDK instead of using the Android’s one for easy migration.

Originally I had written the API’s using raw .NET API’s but soon realized it would consume a lot of time if I wanted to port it to Silverlight or Window Phone 7. Restsharp came to rescue (If you have been consuming any restful web services, I highly recommend to use this library). At the moment it supports only Windows Application (Winforms/ WPF / Console Application) and Websites (both webforms and mvc). Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 support coming soon.

var fb = new Facebook("access_token");
var user = fb.Get<User>("/me");
var jsonUser = fb.Get("/me");

Basically you create an instance of Facebook object passing the access token. The you make request by either calling Get, Post or Delete methods. Notice the similarity with the original Facebook C# SDK (almost 95% compatible). Rather than returning JSONObject it returns plain JSON string. Incase you want to convert to a .net object just use the generic version of it. Any Facebook API exceptions will be converted to native .NET exception FacebookException automatically and will throw that exception.

During my search, I also found out that most people are having problem getting access token from Facebook. So I have also created helper methods for retrieving the access token. You can see those in WinForms, ASP.NET website and ASP.NET mvc samples. API’s are the same for all these platforms you want to write, so converting it to website or winforms wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Other thing I noticed was that whenever I need to make a call to Facebook, I always need to refer to the official Facebook API documentation. So, in order to save your time, I have collected some extensions methods to ease the development. So now instead of coding like

var profileUrl = fb.Get("/me/picture");

you could

var profileUrl = fb.GetMyProfilePictureUrl();

Lots of other methods are there to make it easy like fb.AmIAdminOfPage(“pageId”), fb.GetFeeds(), fb.GetMyPages() and so on.


I have also create some providers to link with membership provider. You can find implementation for Sql Server, SQLite and MySql. If you are using MVC then you can make use of predefined filters, such as [FacebookAuthorize].I have also heavily commented the samples.

Go and grab the source at and start building your own Facebook App.

Feedbacks are most welcome.