Visual Studio Tips and Tricks - IV

(This is a part of my series Visual Studio Tips and Tricks – IV )

Unlike other Visual Studio Tips and Tricks that I have been posting, this is a bit especial one, in the sense you are required to install additional software (add in) to Visual Studio in order to make it more productive. Well, it is free to use.

There are times when you are using hundreds of files and you would want to navigate easily within them. Your friendly keystroke to get around the problem is use Ctrl + Alt + F. And you get to select the file instead of navigating through the tree structure from the Solution Explorer. It also supports filtering, which makes the work more easier to work with.

Besides this shortcut, and the huge download size it has a lot more interesting features to try, that would increase your day to day productivity in Visual Studio by helping you code faster. Download it and give it a try. To learn more about the additional features supported by Code Rush XPress you can go through the help file.

CodeRushXpress-3.2.3 (33.6 mb)