Visual Studio Tips and Tricks - VIII

(This is a part of my series Visual Studio Tips and Tricks – IV )

Have you ever been working on a visual studio project with lots of tabs open and find it difficult to navigate around even with ctrl + tab. Well I hope this tip is going to help you.

Let’s say I have a bunch of tabs opened.

I could use ctrl + tab (similar to alt + tab for normal windows applications) and get the following result. which would allow me to navigate with live preview.

Even though it still gives me a great UI, it still isn’t productive especially when you need to submit your code to boss by evening. So you are telling me there is much better solution?

Yeah and simple one. Just Ctrl + Alt + down arrow key.

That instruction would tell Visual Studio to show a list of open tabs. You can then use arrow keys or mouse to click on one of those files. What is more cool is that if you actually know the name of a file, you can also type it and it tries to match up with it. It doesn’t match the file name if you enter it from the middle. It has to be left to right.

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