Windows Live Writer Syntax Highlighter Source Code Released

In one of my old post, I had release the binary of Syntax Higlighter plugin that I had created. This plugin contained the basic functionalities of the Syntax Higlighter plugin, which would more than suffice for an ordinary code.

But due to my hectic schedule and other different projects, I haven’t been able to develop this plugin further. So, I have decided to release the full source code (at first I was planning to release the source code when the plugin is complete). You can download the code which is hosted by at The code is written in C#.

I have been searching for some developers who would like to contribute to this project. If you are interested please leave a comment below or us the contact page to contact me.

To download the source code please visit

You can download the binaries from, or directly from one of the below links (38.40 kb)

Prabir.wlw.SyntaxHiglighter.msi (Setup) (360.00 kb)

Get from Windows Live Gallery