Windows Live Writer Syntax Highlighter

Syntax highlighting technique provides the readers with more attractive and easy to read code snippets. It is one of the must have for a blog (at least for mine). In my previous article I had mentioned about how to integrate Syntax Highlighter 1.5.1 to Blog Engine .NET with help of Windows Live Writer.

Well, this article is about integrating Syntax Higlighter 2.0 Windows Live Writer Plugin(I will be posting another article soon on integrating Syntax Higlighter 2.0 with Blog Engine You can find the article on integrating with blog engine out here). I actually went up searching for syntax highlighter 2.0 plugin support for Windows Live Writer but couldn’t a suitable one. I landed up writing my own plugin. This plugin is based on the modification of a plugin written in VB which can be found at (My version of the plugin is written in C#).

You can either download the setup file and install or do it manually. For manual installation you will need to download the zip file at the end of this post and extract the .dll file to C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins folder. (Please you appropriate destination where your Windows Live Writer is installed.) Next time when you start Windows Live Writer the plugin will automatically be loaded. Click on Syntax Higlighter… to insert you code. To uninstall the plugin make sure Windows Live Writer is not running and delete Prabir.wlw.Syntaxhiglighter.dll from Plugins folder.

A new dialog will open where you can choose your language and type the code. In the Language drop down box you can type your custom language even if it is not in the drop down box but make sure you also upload appropriate js scripts to your website to support the language.

Since it makes use of Smart Content Editor you can later on edit your code using the menu at the right. Since this plugin is still under development. Most of the features are disabled. As of now some of the features that were disabled have been enabled.

I would also recommend you to read my article on integrating Syntax Higlighter 2.0 with Blog Engine.NET.

You can download the source code along with the latest setup from the codeplex website at (38.40 kb) Prabir.wlw.SyntaxHiglighter.msi (Setup) (360.00 kb)

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