Expose IISExpress to Mac from a Windows Virtual Machine

While working on an iOS app I bumped into a situation where I needed to consume a .NET web service on my Windows Virtual Machine hosted on IISExpress. After searching in internet I couldn’t even find one solution that was pleasing to my eyes. Since I was using Nancy Web Framework (the coolest .NET web framework out there), I almost went to even coding in MonoDevelop in Mac as Nancy official supports Mono. But since I like to have my dev environment similar to my production environment I insisted on using a Windows box.

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Facebook C# SDK - Outercurve Foundation and v6 RTW

A lot has been happening around Facebook C# SDK for a past few months. Earlier this week we official released the v6 RTW of SDK and today I am extremely excited to announce that Facebook C# SDK is now part of the Outercurve Foundation. You care read more about it at http://www.outercurve.org/News/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/54/Outercurve-Foundation-Accepts-Facebook-C-SDK-Project

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Facebook C# SDK - Writing your First Facebook Application (v6)

This is an update to my old blog post on Writing your First Facebook Application using Facebook C# SDK v5. Due to the popularity of the post which has allowed developers to jump start on using Facebook C# SDK for creating Facebook Application, I have decided to update parts of the samples in order to reflect changes in v6. If you are using v5, I would recommend you to read the original post on Writing your First Facebook Application.

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